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Perceptions and Reflections

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I love photography, especially b&w. What do I like to photograph? Anything that catches my attention. People, landscapes, rising sun, snow melting. You get the idea.

First up, what I look like.


For money I work on a farm.

I am first generation American; my parents were born and raised in Australia. Dad is from Gladstone and mom is from Rose Bay. My grandparents are from parts of Europe.

I am a middle child and the only boy.

aboriginal culture, achievement, acoustic music, advice, armour, art, art galleries, astrology, astronomy, atheists, australia, b&w photogrpahy, backpacking, baltimore, barefeet, beach, beatles, bettie page, biking, blade runner, bodyboarding, bonfires, books, calvin and hobbes, campfires, camping, candlelight, clarity, classic movies, classic rock, conflict, conversation, crystals, cultural artifacts, curiosity, darkness, debates, diabetes, digital photography, dogs, dragons, drawing, dreams, dreamtime, driving cross country, england, environment, fanfiction, fidelity, fire, friendship, gemini, genealogy, ghost stories, gothic subculture, graphic art, green eyes, halloween, hate, herbal magic, hiking, history, horror movies, incense, individualism, individuality, international travel, jack daniels, knowledge, lacrosse, learning, life, listening, live albums, long nails, lord of the rings, magic, marylin monroe, metal work, midnight walks, modern primitives, moon phases, morality, mountains, movies, museums, music, music festivals, mythology, national parks, nature, nikon cameras, ocean, old ways, open minded people, pagans, pain, painting, philosophy, photography, pictures, piercings, rain, reading, redheads, ren faire, retro pin-ups, roadtrips, rockabilly, rockville maryland, runes, science, science fiction, scotland, seasons, self sufficiency, sketching, snow, solstice, spirit guides, star wars, stars, storytelling, sunrises, sunsets, surfing, surrealism, swimming, swords, tarot, tattoos, teaching, the night, the olympics, the universe, thunderstorms, tolerance, tolkein, traditions, train stations, trees, trust, truth, vikings, washington d.c., weapons, wicca, women with southern accents, writing, zombies

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